We have the expertise and insight to put together a creative plan that works, with the discipline to make the process seamless. Creative Services is an important part of buying furniture. Our project planners can help to create and design a solution for your environment — drawing on our comprehensive selection of furniture. And you will have access to each team member’s professional expertise in: 

Space planning:Making the most out of your space

Our approach to space planning is to first understand who you are and how you work. By implementing a space development study, we can design a workspace that works the way you do. 

Our design process will determine the appropriate relationships between common areas and workstations; between departments, teams and collaborating entities; between employee status, productivity, job function and cultural change — as well as the overall feel of the office environment. 

We also take into account the demands of today’s business environment and the importance of making the most out of your space. We use the same space development techniques in planning filing and print/copy space adjacencies and storage requirements. And all local codes and sound/noise attenuation needs are considered.

Specifications: It’s all about the details

Using state-of-the-art specification technology, we can ensure your furniture specifications are accurate. Our project planners generate specifications based on the products that were selected in the planning and design stage. 

For each item specified, additional details are then added to the specification to clearly communicate the finish, size and handedness to the manufacturer. Though the specification process is the most labor-intensive, our commitment to the details makes it seamless.

3D views and rendering: Helping you visualize your space

Communication is imperative in understanding and developing the right solution. To understand the complexities of your space, we may access additional services — like a 3D view or rendering. This computer-generated drawing depicts the actual proposal, giving you a better grasp of the design concept.

A 3D rendering gives you the opportunity to review and adjust layout and space function before ordering. It also can aid in color selection, reveal the spatial relationships between the ceiling and floor and clarify the overall appearance of your space — giving you the ability to make an educated decision. 

Finish selection: Choosing the right look

Total Business Solutions' project planners have the knowledge and skills to guide you through the color and finish selection of your furniture solution. They can help create a new environment, incorporating cultural change or identifying new corporate colors if necessary. If you are simply adding to or changing existing space, we can provide assistance on whatever level you desire: blending existing finishes with new selections, designing a new scheme or simply making suggestions to get you started down the right path.

We also have the ability to provide suggestions for architectural finishes such as carpet, wall coverings, paint, lighting and ceiling finishes — helping you complete the space.

 Installation drawings: A road map for flawless execution

Once your project has been specified and ordered, your project planner translates all of the necessary information into a format that ensures a flawless installation. 

Our installation staff relies on these detailed instructions to ensure that all of the nuances of your solution are addressed and implemented. Additional information sheets are developed to designate panel types, panel plans, electrical plans, components plans, notes on field cuts and any other special requirement of your job. 

Clarity of instruction is the key to proper field installation, so more complicated projects may require our color-coded plans. Special symbols, colors and dimension/notes provide the needed direction, particularly if you are adding new product into an existing space, or reusing or reconfiguring existing inventory.

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